This page demonstrates some advanced dynamic html and javascript.

      It turns out that you can do fairly complex applications in DHTML. The problem is maintaining portability. The more tricky you get, the more likely that the page does not work on some version of some browser. The pages work on Microsoft IE 4 and 5.

Just click on view source to see any page. Most of the code is commented.

This page demonstrates dynamically setting colors.
One of the more interesting problems in graphics is real-time lighting. I implemented a simple lighting model with a moving light source and shadows. Click on a square to turn it "solid".

This page demonstates moving html. It could be used as a funny joke.

This page takes moving html to the next step.
I implemented a simple flocking algorithm using Gaussion fields. The fish school together and are "afraid" of the mouse. Several of the more tricky bits include the following: html animation, multithreading, dynamic html creation and math.

Email me if you have any questions.

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